How to grow potatoes?

Since the potatoes are the most favorite vegetable for the people of all age group, many people are highly interested in cultivating potatoes. Even the people who are having small gardens are highly interested in cultivating potatoes. But unfortunately many people are not aware of the right way of handling this plant growth. This article is written in order to favor them in all the ways.


The way in which the plantation is done is more important for the healthy growth of this plant. Hence one needs to be more careful while planting the potatoes. The size should be cut down and it is highly important to remember that the eyes of the potatoes should be pointing upward. The other important thing is they must be planted with better distance. The baby potatoes can be planted in shorter distance when compared to that of the bigger one.

Use straw mulch

Instead of digging deeper in the soil, one can use the straw mulch for covering the seed. And one must make sure that the straw should not have any seeds. Using this will help in retaining the moisture in the soil and obviously harvesting can also be made easier that one need not dig deeper to remove the potatoes.

Pest free

In order to keep it pest free, one can use the natural pest controlling options rather than moving for the artificial pesticides. This will help in harvesting the organic potatoes that will not cause any negative impacts over health.


People who are planting potatoes should be aware of when do you pick potatoes. In case if the potatoes started flowering, this will be the right time for harvesting the potatoes. Harvesting potatoes will be quite interesting and fun. One can also have best time with their family while harvesting them.