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Ways to decorate a plain t-shirt

Even though manufacturers of clothing make more number of plain t-shirts, not all people love to wear it plain. A lot of people need to decorate it with some of the great ways as possible. It can be done by people itself or with the help of people who are expert in doing the same. Another different idea that you can use to change your plain t-shirt to an ever loving one is to use t shirt embroidery which is one of the favourite for many.

Here are some ways we have for you to help yourself in decorating the t-shirt of yours. They are as follows,

  • You can use dyes that is especially meant for using in fabrics to give nice single color or a splash of colors on the same shirt based on your wish. If you would like to completely change the t-shirt to have another life of other material, then using a scissors will greatly help in cutting the t-shirt to make it as a thing that you will love to receive it.
  • You can make ruffles using pins, create a collar for the t-shirt if there is not one available. You can possibly change the type of neck in the t-shirt including v, u neck and many more according to your interests. Printing designs can also be customized based on one’s specific needs and demands. Give your t-shirt a great look by using t shirt embroidery of your choice.