What are the challenges in disaster management?

When disaster comes it brings several serious disrupts for people. The community suffered a lot during the event or after the disaster. They are broken in a big way from financially to physically. It brings with it so much devastation that people take a couple of years or even a few generations go through to normalize. It is such a sudden event that disturbs the community functions and resources and causes human, environmental, economic loss. To avoid these situations or to prevent them several disaster management organizations are worked for the community. They prepared the local people to survive in a dangerous situation. They prepared their team to help in a disaster place. You can know more about them by going on the internet and click here to search for disaster management. They provide training to the people and help them in all possible ways. The disaster management cycle involves four phases’ mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery. During every face, they have a lot of challenges. It is not easy for them to take the whole community to get out of disaster. Few challenges that come before them are:


  1. Economic challenge: The most critical and important challenge. People lose their homes, life, saving, resources, materials, and everything during a disaster. Emerging from all these and come to normal life takes a strong economy of the country or disaster place. With this challenging recovery of disaster place for disaster management is a big issue. Many international and national federations work for it. They help the community by providing them resources back.
  2. Emergency packages: During a disaster when people lost everything, it is a big task for them to provide all the emergency kits to each individual. They provide food, essential medicines, and other requirements.
  3. Future challenge: After a disaster when the community losses everything disaster management organizations help them in all aspects. They look at the disaster from a development perspective. They help the community to reinvent them. They show them a golden future and give all possible help to make it come true. They bring an opportunity for others to invest in redeveloping the place.