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What is their return policy?

They always volitionally settle for returns & exchanges of products at intervals of seven days. And all the products have on terms and conditions of the company. At Kidz Haven, they have many pad choices for you to settle on from. That ranging from the foremost basic foam to spring mattresses and premium mattresses like Latex. The mattresses they provide are very soft and comfortable. You will get a great experience when you purchase one mattress singapore for yourself. They always carry numerous brands like Maxcoil, Dreampebble, and Sofzsleep.

  • Their first brand is Maxcoil –this brand provides basic foam, power foam, and foldaway foam mattresses. If you are looking for these types of mattresses, then this will be best for you. You should visit the kidzhaven website and see everything about them. They are one of the most trusted places from which you can pursue a mattress.
  • The second brand is dreampebble – it has an open volute spring, pocketed spring mattresses
  • Last is soft sleep merchandise are of the best quality of mattresses – These are 100 percent Natural Latex with Coolmax or Bamboo nothing covers. And it also provides proper sleep for you and your idolized ones.

So don’t waste your time searching for any type of mattress at any website or store. Kidzhaven mattresses are the best quality mattresses that you can find in Singapore. They will never disappoint you. So it will be a fantastic experience for you and for your kid to sleep well without having any problem.